Shut The Hell Up

Women WANT to like you! Women WANT to be all up on you! Stop saying douchey things! Stoppppp it

Honestly, there’s nothing worse than when a woman is really into a guy, and he fucks it up for doing and saying a variety of douchebag things.

For example:

1. Constantly talking about yourself. Why??? Why would you do that? You know women love to talk about themselves! The easiest way to get a chick to like you is to ask her questions (without being annoying) and LISTEN to her answers.

Which brings me to the second thing…

2. The only thing worse than a guy who only talks about himself and doesn’t ask any questions, is a guy who asks too many questions. Dude, if she’s not making eye contact and she’s giving you one or two word answers, or being very vague about explaining things, leave her alone. She’s not interested. In this situation, it’s better to say something funny and THEN lead to asking a question.

3. Stop talking about how drunk you got last weekend

4. Stop talking about that chick you banged

5. Stop talking about your gym workouts

6. Stop talking about how important you are

Here’s a clue: Watch the fucking news. Scroll through the Vine or Twitter or Tumblr or Reddit or YouTube or The Chive or anything that will give you something funny or interesting to comment on.

That’s about it. I witnessed wayyyy too many self-important douchebags this weekend to let this one slide. Thank you in advance.


Lesson 6: Don’t Air Your Dirty Laundry

On Facebook. On Twitter. On Instagram. On Anything-gram.

Just don’t.

Feeding people's egos since 2004

Feeding people’s egos since 2004

If you want a diary, start a journal.  If you feel the need for everyone in the WORLD to read that journal, start a blog.

If you want people to read that blog, don’t be such a wet blanket. 

Oh lord.

I can’t decide if I’m more annoyed with the obnoxiousness of this post, or the fact that she spelled “worst” wrong. Bless her heart.

You know who I’m talking about. You probably have at least 10 of these douchebags in mind. If you’re completely lost, YOU might be part of the problem (or, it could be that you’re not on social media, in which case, I tip my hat to you, friend).

Gut check

Gut check

Take a lesson in humility.

Or, a lesson from me.

Or, a lesson from ANYONE…I really don’t care…

 Just don’t be a douche.