Don’t Leave Home Without Your Self-Awareness, Part 2

Wow. It turns out there are WAYYYYYY more douchebags in the world than I thought. I received so many emails from readers with examples of common inconsiderate actions they encounter from douches everyday, that I decided to add more common douchey inconsiderate-ness to the list, as suggested by my readers.

Common douchey inconsiderate acts, part 2:

  1. Being loud/texting in the movie theater
  2. Not doing a 4-way stop correctly.  Or a roundabout. Or anything traffic related.
  3. Requesting a million songs for the band to play, and then not tipping.
  4. Interrupting
  5. Riding your bike on the sidewalk when there’s a bike lane.
  6. Not looking for bikers while driving in a town with tons of bikers.
  7. Not bringing alcohol to a party where it’s BYOB
  8. Not sharing your alcohol when everyone’s sharing
  9. Leaving dishes in the sink when there’s an empty dishwasher
  10. Not cleaning up after yourself
  11. Taking too much of one thing at a buffet
  12. Not calling your mother on her birthday
  13. Passing gas at the gym and then walking away (yes, this is an actual complaint from a reader)
  14. Throwing weights around at the gym (from the same reader!)
  15. Asking a girl out, then asking her to pay for both of you (yes, a dude actually did this. What a douche.)
  16. Only talking about yourself.
  17. Cursing inappropriately in public
  18. Bringing a trashy girl to a family function. (I don’t necessarily agree with this, but I thought it was hilarious!)
  19. Not paying, or offering to pay, for gas on a road trip.
  20. Hogging the TV

The list goes on and on…

Can you think of any?


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